4 Ways Subcontractors Can Find More Jobs

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In today’s construction industry competition is high and getting the jobs you want is getting harder and harder. Although construction is still everywhere, the market has seen a bit of a slow down in the Greater Vancouver area in the last few months. What does this mean for you as a subcontractor? Whether you own a small painting company or a large flooring company its important to be proactive about finding the next contract. Companies that once used phrases like “I have so much work coming in I don’t need to advertise” are slowly changing their tune. Sales and advertising should always be a part of your company even when work is overflowing.


Here Are 4 Ways to Keep the Construction Jobs Coming In:


1.     Use the Right Sources for Leads: There are several lead sources out there that can be useful for finding out where the current construction projects are and who the key people are. Typically these types of leads are gathered from issued building permits and organized by companies who provide this service. Find a company who can provide this information in a way that can be useful for your outside sales process. Usually it will be provided as a list of addresses, builder phone numbers and other important info.

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2.     Improve Your Sales Process: Although an online presence is extremely important, the phone is still the most powerful tool you have to get more jobs. Improving your sales process is a whole article on its own, but the key things companies miss are the following:

a.      Spending the time to actually call leads. Not just one or two phone calls but committing to a complete list and filling your sales pipeline.

b.     Properly qualifying builders right away. Instead of wasting hours quoting jobs, try to receive plans through email and streamline your quoting process. Wasting too much time on sites is a major underrated problem because most of the quotes you give won’t pan out.

c.      Following up with builders who you’ve sent quotes to. Builders are busy people and most of the time they may simply forget they spoke to you about an estimate or they likely have several other estimates. Don’t wait for them to call you back. Be proactive and get on the phone.

3.     Focus on Targeting Your Advertising: Leads that come in from an advertisement are great because they are seeking you instead of you making cold calls. That person is looking for your service and has reached out to you after seeing an ad online or in print. Although these inbound leads are great, they may require much more of an investment in a competitive market. Some tips to make sure your not wasting all your money on useless ads include:

a.      Spend the time to properly focus in as specifically as you can to your target buyer when advertising with Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or even when distributing print ads.

b.     Experiment with different heading titles, images, offers and ad designs in your campaign. Don’t stick to one design for extended periods. It is likely your first ad design isn’t the best it could be.

c.      Look at the analytics of your ad campaign. See what is working best and what isn’t. Get rid of the least effective campaigns and move that money into what’s working.


4.     Keep Communications With Your Existing Network: Your best source of new job leads are previous customers. Build good relationships with contractors you have previously worked with as well as other trades companies. Your network is very important in keeping jobs coming, especially if you meet the right builders who have large contracts. Keeping communication regularly, even when you are busy, is an excellent way to keep your company in the thoughts of everyone in your network.