6 Reasons Subcontractors Need A Website

In the construction industry, many professional contractors ignore the importance of having an online presence for their business. The idea that word-of-mouth is enough grow your business is no longer viable in today’s construction market and it is shocking to see how many subcontractors believe it is.  Online may be the first place your potential clients search for services like yours and your website may likely be their first point of contact with your company. The main reason many subcontractors don’t have a website is because they simply don’t see the value in it, based on their target customers. In reality more and more builders and home owners are active online. Websites are relatively affordable with a very likely positive return on investment, which means there should be no reason at all your business isn’t online. Here are 6 reasons why your construction business needs a website:


1.      Showcase your Company Instantly

In a world of smartphones, almost all information is instantly accessible. When a potential customer is interested in learning about your business, they will instantly look it up online. If there is no online presence, it can greatly impact your credibility, regardless of whether your company was recommended by someone. A website is the best way to showcase what your company offers, who you are and the quality of work you provide. This type of information can’t always be provided over a phone call or a simple print ad. Builders and home owners can understand your company before even meeting with you.


2.      Start Advertising Online

A website is the anchor of any type of online marketing. Whether you plan to advertise on Google, Facebook or any other online channel, the goal is to push visitors towards your website. Creating a website is the first step in reaching audiences with advertisement. Even if you choose to advertise with online directory companies, not listing a website will significantly reduce your chances of lead generation. Any type of internet marketing is simply ineffective without a well designed website.


3.      New Builders are Online

One reason many subcontractors don’t see the value in a website is because they believe that the builders they work for aren’t searching for companies online. This is simply untrue. Although some subcontractors may deal with builders who don’t value websites when making hiring decisions, the industry is quickly changing. There are many new builders in the market who are looking at websites to inform their decisions, regardless of word-of-mouth networking. Relying on solely on your current network of builders is not enough to grow your company in this competitive industry and if you plan on expanding your business to new clients a proper website is vital.


4.      Show Credibility to New Recruits

Websites not only provide credibility to potential customers but also to potential employees. Recruiting top talent in the construction industry is very difficult. Your website is the best way to present a professional business image to people who may be looking for a job. The quality of candidates will usually correspond to the quality your company portrays. The way you present your business can establish a level of professionalism and standard that can be instantly conveyed to new recruits.


5.      Website are More Affordable Than Ever

With the increased number of website development platforms and resources, the cost to develop a beautiful website has never been so affordable. A basic website that can serve the purpose of showcasing your trades company can be sourced for very reasonable rates and be done very quickly. In the construction business, job sizes can be fairly large in comparison to website set up costs, which means that even a few extra leads through your website can be worth the cost.


6.      Your Competitors are Becoming More Digital

Whether you decide to create a website or not doesn’t change the fact that your competitors definitely are. If you have any hope of competing in this “cut-throat” industry a carefully crafted website is the starting point. Your business may be more established and offer better services than your competition, however without a website to convey this information, you’re simply losing the race.


Want To Learn How To Get Started?

If you haven’t created a website for your business or wish to improve your current site, get in touch with the web services team at BuildMapper. Getting online has never been so simple and an outline of what you can expect is available by clicking the link below: