Introducing BuildQuotes

The Easiest Way for Builders to Find Subcontractors

BuildMapper Ltd. is launching a new section of its service for builders/general contractors and owners of new residential construction, called BuildQuotes. The goal of this service is to connect builders and home owners with reliable trades companies in an easy and convenient way. The platform will launch in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver and will focus on all residential new construction, with a larger focus on detached single family projects. It will allow builders and home owners to easily get quotations on any aspect of new home construction from companies that have been vetted and approved by the BuildQuotes team. What makes BuildQuotes different from other online services is the sales team behind it. The team will work to fulfill the specific needs of the builder or home owner after a request for a quote has been made. With the number of new builders and new trades companies continuously growing, new builders may need a better way to find trustworthy subcontractors. A common way subcontractors are currently getting work is through referrals from other builders or other subcontractors. The reason why referrals are so effective is because there is a level of trust already established by the builder and the referrer. BuildMapper Ltd. is looking to build that trust and reputation through the BuildQuotes service.

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How It Works

Builders and homeowners can simply make one phone call or complete a simple request submission online to get estimates for their entire project. The BuildQuotes team goes through a vetting process which includes examining company work history and builder references. The list of selected trade companies are very limited.


Does The Industry Need This?

Finding reliable subcontractors that can provide quality, customer service and a reasonable price has always been a difficult task when building homes. The growth of the construction industry combined with the emerging use of construction technology presents the perfect opportunity for online services to make the process easier.  Below are some of the reasons there may be a need for a central hub for subcontracting.


The Number of New Builders is Increasing

According to the “BC Residential Building Statistics & Trends Report” provided by the BC Housing Research Centre, the number of builders is continuously increasing each year (See figure below). The steady growth in the amount of builders presents an opportunity for trades contractors to make new connections and create new business. Newer builders may find it difficult to truly assess the quality and reliability of subcontractors in the market, for which BuildQuotes can provide a solution.

Number of Licensed Residential Builders (LRB) 2002-2017


Number of Construction Companies is Increasing

Reports from the “BC Construction Industry Statistics (2017)” by the BC Construction Association, show an upward trend in the number of companies in the construction industry (See figure below). This includes all specialty trade contractors. This increase in the number of companies provides builders with the benefit of having access to trades, but also the problem of identifying companies offering top quality and customer service. By using BuildQuotes, builders can quickly cut through the saturated market and connect with vetted companies.

Annotation 2019-02-28 150015.jpg

Builders Are Adopting New Construction Technology

When it comes to single family residential construction, builders and trades have been relatively slow to adopt new technology. According to GenieBelt, 2019 is expected to be a breakthrough year for software usage in the construction industry. Data ecosystems are starting to emerge where members of the construction process are able to connect and share data through software. BuildQuotes plans to be the initial step for builders and subcontractors to adopt this type of ecosystem as it builds its platform to create a more seamless interaction between everyone involved in a project.

Annotation 2019-02-28 150212.jpg

BuildQuotes is a free, simple and effective tool for builders and home owners. Access the service through the BuildMapper website ( or click the direct link (BuildQuotes Link)